Eurykleia Capital Management

Eurykleia is my medium of sharing my (fundamental) analyses, research ideas, investment thesises and general investment principles with the world, to show that anyone who’s willing to learn, can reason rationally based upon research, numbers and facts, therefore has high conviction in his investments and manages his investments stoically without interferences of the market, can eventually become (an investor) who alone sees what nobody else observes, just as Eurykleia did several thousand years ago.

When Odysseus returned home after 20 years of war and wandering, he found his palace occupied by suitors striving to take possession of his lands by winning the hand of his faithful wife, Penelope. Knowing that the suitors would kill Odysseus on sight, the goddess Athena disguised him as a doddering tramp. At first, the ruse fooled everyone, even Penelope. Eurycleia, a longtime slave who had known Odysseus as a boy, was the first person to recognize him when she noticed a familiar scar on his thigh. Eurycleia—female, elderly, and a slave—had the lowest status of anyone in the household, yet she alone saw what nobody else observed.

Just as Eurykleia used her insights and intellect to guide Odysseus safely into his home and drive out their opponents, investing too requires the investor to think adequately as a rational individual. The individual that reasons with logic rather than emotions, dares to go against the stream instead of following it, designs his own investment thesises and has the conviction and determination to execute their plans, can potentially ensure himself of above average returns. Investing is an aspect and reflection of human nature and within this human nature we all experience the tendency to use biases, errors and emotions within our decision making process. It are those that, let logic determine their actions, that can play the market and therefore play the other investors, as investing is eventually a zero-sum game.

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